Foods for Mushie Stage

Here are some of the things I liked:

Ricotta with marinara sauce and mozarella - nuked to make it melty
Refried beans with melted cheese and a bit of guacamole or salsa
Boccocini (Little fresh mozarella balls) with pesto, or in warmed marinara, or with olive oil, salt and pepper
Tuna smushed up with laughing cow cheese
Tuna, smushed up very finely, nuked with some cheese on top until warm and melty
Cannellini beans smashed up with pesto
Tofu, sauteed, with peanut sauce
Tofu in miso or chicken stock
Egg flower soup
Hot and Sour soup - but don't eat the meat or hard/crunchy stuff - with extra tofu cubes
Baked and marinated tofu from the market
Cottage cheese with greek yogurt and a bit of splenda mixed in
Scrambled egg
Laughing cow cheese
Pureed soups