August 4, 2012

Months since I have posted, but I am now a WARRIOR!

Did the Warrior Dash race in British Columbia today - a 5K, up and down (too) many hills, with obstacles such as wooden fences to climb over, barbed wire to crawl under, and muddy water to crawl through. Here I am, approaching the finish line, just prior to the mud crawl...

I must admit, I kind of sucked in terms of my cardio capacity, there were a LOT of hills to climb and I struggled a bit. But, I finished, which was my goal, and would not have been even a remote possibility for me at 284 pounds!

A couple more shots:
Not especially flattering, but this is me just after finishing- the immediate aftermath of my efforts!

Pre-race, getting my knee pads and elbow pads ready!


  1. Awesome! Congrats on completing!

  2. This is awesome. I want to do this next time it comes around! I just came here to BC from AB early June and am over 1 yr post op VSG. I'd love to try this!! My staff and co-workers are constantly telling me that I need to do the Grouse Grind to be a REAL Vancouverite.... tell me it ain't so...


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  4. Love reading your blog ... it's almost 2 years since your last post as far as I can see, any updates on how you are doing?