January 17, 2012

Still working on it all!

LONG time no post. Life has kind of kept me busy, and my VSG life seems a bit uneventful these days. I did have some photos taken for my husband's X-Mas gift - (most of which I wouldn't put online since I am in my skivvies ;-), but here is one that I was very pleased with:

It was a LOT of fun having hair and makeup done, and then playing model for an hour - I highly recommend the experience!

I did manage to gain a few pounds over the holidays and am now working on getting them OFF. To this end I am working (have been since October) with a semi-private personal trainer - doing a lot of strength work and some short bursts of high intensity cardio in between weight sets. It is going really well, and I have been decreasing my body fat percentage since I began. In fact, although I gained weight over the holidays, I didn't gain any inches - a minor miracle really.

I have also been looking into a more paleo / primal diet - reducing or eliminating grains and eating mostly protein and vegetables. Really this is what I do most of the time anyway, the sticking point for me is artificial sweeteners, which I do not want to give up, and dairy. I don't eat a lot of dairy, but I do love my cheese, and also won't be giving up my whey protein. So - I am not a purist and any serious paleo eater would consider me a slacker!

Some recipes soon, I promise!


  1. You look phenomenal! I'm almost a month post op and loving my journey so far. I love your recipes and look forward to their return. Happy New Year!

  2. I haven't had the chance to read through all your blog just yet. But I wanted to ask did you have to have plastic surgery after? I am in the process of having this done and still in the process. Thanks in advance

  3. Nope, no plastics. although I would probably benefit from a tummy tuck and breast lift, I haven't been able to justify the surgical risks and financial cost. I look just fine in clothing, but a bikini swimsuit is definitely not in the cards!

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