January 27, 2012

Getting back on track. This is HARD sometimes!

So I mentioned in my last post that I have acquired a few extra pounds over the Christmas holidays - and sad to say, some of them are still with me. It is very frightening for a formerly morbidly obese person to see the numbers on the scale going up instead of down - a reminder of all of those years of not feeling in control of my eating or my weight.

During the month of January, having "gotten rid of" (actually eaten most of) the treats in the house, I had been gradually moving back towards my usual eating routine, but still was eating more carbs than usual, and since my preferred carbs are toast and popcorn, a lot of butter to accompany them.

I don't actually think butter is unhealthy, but I was definitely taking in more calories than was sustainable if I wanted to lose weight. I was also snacking on a lot of nuts, which again, aren't unhealthy, but ARE very caloric. In fact, although I had lost a few of the Christmas pounds, last week I put on 3 pounds in one week while eating fairly moderately, and continuing to work out, and I have to say I was pretty freaked out!

This was the motivation to dial it all WAY back and get back to eating in a pretty basic way until I was back at my fighting weight, and no longer craving the carbohydrates,

The good news is, the sleeve still works, even though restricting calories isn't the effortless process that it was in the immediate post - op period. When I went back to weighing and tracking my food intake, I found that I am still restricted to 2-4 ounces of solid protein per meal, and usually closer to 2 than to 4

 SO, I am being stricter than typical with my eating plan for a few weeks... in particular dialing carbs and calories down further than usual ... and remembering that for me, to fail to plan is to plan to fail.

One thing that I find essential for making good choices regarding food, is to make the good choice the easy choice. SO I plan ahead to have cooked, palatable protein items in my fridge and ready to go, as well as canned tuna and salmon for a quick salad if that appeals.

I actually schedule my snacks, so that if I am feeling really hungry at 2, but know that I have scheduled a snack at 3, then I am better able to tolerate a bit of hunger, have a glass of water, tea or crystal light, and wait it out.

I also plan ahead for those moments when I feel ravenous and am more likely to make less healthy choices - If I know ahead of time that faced with hunger I will first have 16 ounces of fluid, and then, if I am still hungry, 2-3 ounces of solid protein, I am less likely to be tempted by a slice of toast.

I think that one of the ways that planning ahead and recording any changes helps me, is that I get immediate feedback, in black and white, of the consequences to a plan that I think works for me if I graze or eat in any way other than mindfully.

So far so good, 3 of those pesky extra pounds are GONE!


  1. Do you mind telling me how many calories you eat per day? How many grams of protein? Thanks!

  2. Hi, I am eating 800-1000 calories, with at least 100 grams of protein right now. I also, just for now, am eating very low carb: 20 - 30 net carbs a day at the moment. (Working on getting rid of the sugar cravings.)

  3. that's really good advice, to tell yourself that you're having a snack at 3 so if hungry at 2 then you know you'll be eating soon. Nice blog by the way.