March 13, 2011

Yummy low carb chocolate cakegasm!

So, last night we were having some friends to dinner and I wanted to make a dessert that I could actually eat without throwing my eating plan completely off track, that was a bit indulgent, and that wouldn't cause everyone to fart or rush to the bathroom due to the high maltitol content of most low carb chocolates.

I found and adapted a couple different recipes since I was in experimental mode: One was a flour-less chocolate torte made with ground pecans and with cinnamon - I replaced the white sugar in the original recipe with a combination of erythritol and stevia for the sweetener, served it with whipped cream and strawberries, and it was a huge hit. Tastes just like a regular sugar sweetened dessert, but is something I can have a bit of (I was only able to manage half of a small slice anyway.)

The second one (picture above, recipe below) was amazing! I adapted it from this recipe (and please consider this post a big shout out for the Healthy Indulgences website, I love it!)

I used organic black soy beans - which are very high protein and very low carb, with lots of healthy fiber. I also used the erythritol / stevia combo for the sweetener.

It was REALLY tasty - and I computed the nutritional stats and they are pretty awesome... Although it wasn't the main dessert, our friends tried it and liked it a lot. I might increase the sweetener and the cocoa a wee bit next time, but actually I like it a lot as is.)

For the ENTIRE CAKE (Which is easily 10-12 moderate single layer slices, no frosting included in these counts) (I can eat maybe 1/16 of the cake at a time) (I calculate the slices below at 1/10 of the cake)

Calories: 1476 (1 slice = 147.6)
Protein: 74.6g (1 slice = 7.4g)
Fat: 117.8g (1 slice = 11.8g)
Sat Fat: 56.7g (1 slice = 5.7g)
Carbs: 44.6g (1 slice = 4.5g)
Fibre: 31g (1 slice = 3.1g)
(Net Carbs = 13.6g) (1 slice = 1g)