February 14, 2011

1 year out!

A year ago at this moment I was sitting at Almater Hospital and waiting for my labs to be taken in preparation for surgery. It has been an amazing year!

I have lots of posts to make - many with recipes - and a picture series of months 1-12, that have been delayed over the past month because I have been so busy. I am still about 10-15 pounds from goal and undecided about how hard I am willing to work to drop them. For now I have been going up and down the same 2-3 pounds for a couple of months.

I am planning to spend a bit more time with my personal trainer and at the gym as soon as my schedule eases up this spring, and perhaps that will help, if not with the weight loss, than at least with tightening things up. I have a longer post saved about my dithering about what my goal weight should be, and whether it is ok to stop where I am now, a few pounds higher than my original goal, and will get that up sometime soon, (might be useful for those who are nearing a similar point in their process). I will also let you know how my labs look after I have them drawn next week. Unless something concerning shows up in the labs, I can state unequivocally that this surgery has improved my health in ways that I couldn't have imagined pre-op.

Here I am in 2006 - and the thing is, I thought I looked pretty good in this outfit! I am proud that I mostly didn't let my weight get in the way of trying new things, and being out in the world in general. Looking back, I feel like I had to be brave a lot of the time and I am grateful that I don't need that bravery much anymore.

 2 more "before" shots - 2009

I am also sad when I think of all the experiences that I missed or didn't enjoy as much because I was too heavy, or because my feet or body hurt too much. We lived in the UK and traveled all over Europe from 2006-2009 and there was a lot of walking around cities that was quite frankly very painful - it would have been loads more fun at my current weight than it was at 285 pounds!

Here I am this morning - feeling great, and looking pretty good too!

BTW - bought this dress a couple months ago and it was WAY too tight - I looked like a sausage trying to burst from a too-small casing!  I haven't really lost any weight since, and yet it now fits comfortably. WHAT is with that??? It does mean that although my weight has not changed, I am not technically stalling, since a stall is a month or more with no weight or inches lost, and the inches are definitely dropping!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's one more...