June 15, 2011

16 Months since surgery

No change in my weight this month (well other than a lot of up a few / down a few throughout the month), but a bit of redistribution throughout my body - this process is still a bit of a mystery to me, but the good news is, I am continuing to shrink a bit, especially my back and belly. I find  since my legs have slimmed down, that in profile my body shape is similar to an egg on toothpicks! Not the prettiest arrangement, but a big improvement from where I started out!

This has been a fairly eventful and somewhat stressful month - all good stress, but stress nonetheless! I defended the proposal for my dissertation - NOT the actual dissertation which has not yet been written - just my plan and justification for the research. Even though it was just a proposal defense, it still involved a presentation to my committee and an external examiner, an hour and a half of oral questioning, and then a nerve-wracking wait outside of the examining room while the committee discussed the quality and content of the proposal.

At the end of it all the proposal passed, with no revisions required - the best outcome I could have hoped for. Now I "just" need to research and write the dang thing!

We also undertook a search for a home to purchase this month. In rapid succession we found a place, made an offer, negotiated the offer, had the place inspected, re-negotiated the offer and entered into the contract. Since then, I have been busy finding contractors and suppliers for new flooring and kitchen cabinets and picking out paint colours. It has been fun but busy! We don't take possession until the end of July, so once my contractors are lined up and materials have been ordered, there won't be much to do besides the preliminary packing that can be done ahead of time.

It is very easy when I am stressed, excited, and distracted to make poor choices about eating - especially now that I am pretty far out and can tolerate pretty much anything. What works for me is to have a few go-to items ALWAYS on hand at home, in my purse, and at the office. This way, the path of least resistance is to eat stuff that I have planned out. While I don't happen to believe that it is the end of the world if I have three or four chicken nuggets for lunch once in a while (50 calories each, BTW), I KNOW that doing this more than very occassionally is not the way to sustain my health or weight loss. So I make up two protein coffees or shakes every morning (LOVING my mocha protein slushies these days) along with two 20 ounce Crystal Lights - and pack these along with my vitamins. I keep ostrich jerky and nuts in my  purse and desk, and usually have a protein bar available in case I am unable to get to solid food when I need it. My weight loss is not spectacular these days and I could stand to drop another 10 or so - but I am maintaining an almost 120 pound loss pretty effortlessly - and I am happy with how I look and feel!

It looks like spring may actually arrive here in BC, possibly even before the beginning of summer next week... hope it is sunny and lovely wherever you all are too!


  1. I didn't know you were working on your dissertation. I am too. What is your major/area of study? Mine is in Curriculum and Instruction.

    I should be defending my proposal within the next month as well. My chair wanted me to have a solid draft of Chapters 1-3 (140 pages now) researched and written before I defended it. I also have my survey pretty much completed (before the committee and organization I am studying makes edits). She and I have been meeting most every week for the last several months just so I stay on the right track. At any rate, I HOPE that all this work for the last few months allows me to send out the survey very soon after the proposal defense and then write my next two chapters after the surveys are returned. Then successfully defend that. Of course, that's my best-case scenario!

    What did you have to have prepared for your defense? I know that different places have different approaches. I just think it's cool that someone else on here is working on their paper. And BIG CONGRATS on making it through the defense! I know that's a big deal!!!

    Btw, I just vaguely reference my dissertation as a 'big project' on my blog. I am anonymous there. I don't want my public peeps to know about my WLS. In addition to a doctoral candidate, I am also an attorney from a fairly small region (which I've put on my blog since the beginning) and don't want people to figure out who I am. It is doubtful they'll link me up through this particular message (hopefully). :)

  2. Oh, and how do you make your mocha protein slushies? Are they caffeinated? I need to stop throwing all my money at Starbucks!

  3. You are an inspiration to me! I am finally having my band to sleeve revision on Friday and cannot wait!

  4. @banditasenorita - Good luck on your defense! I am doing research on how social workers think about and facilitate cultural connection for Aboriginal children and youth in foster care.

    Mocha slushies - I just keep coffee, decaf or regular, in the fridge and throw it in the blender with chocolate protein powder, almond milk, some sf syrup, and a few ice cubes. My 10 y.o.loves them too!

    @Jaquie: Best wishes for an uneventful surgery and an easy recovery!