May 16, 2011

Just to show what is possible! Befores and Afters...

Back - Before

Back - 15 Months

Side - Before

Side - 15 months

Front - Before

Front - 15 Months


  1. You look fabulous! Wow, all in a year. Great job. Your recipes links look amazing too. I'm considering VSG over lapband. Can you please tell me what your "rules" for eating after surgery are? Like for the band, you cannot drink through a straw ever again, you have to stop drinking liquids for 30 min before/after a meal. Are there rules such as this with VSG?

  2. I have no no problem with straws, although some surgeons do not recommend them. I drink up to a few minutes before meals, but do wait until 30 minutes after before drinking again.

    Surgeons' instructions vary,but this has been very easy for me to adapt to.

    Good luck!

  3. Wow, what a difference. It's amazing how great you look...can't wait until I'm as thin as you. :)

  4. WOW!!! You look amazing, and I'm so impressed because you are not covering with you could go and wear a bikini (if you wanted to IMO!) FANTASTIC JOB!!!

  5. Yay for you!!! Good work!! You not only look wonderfully beautiful, you're also an inspiration to all of us! I had my VSG 3 months ago and am looking forward to my anniversary to see how much progress I've made. You are proof that we can still eat well and lose weight! I look forward to more recipes and reading more about your experiences. - Nica

  6. Hiiii... Just found your blog!.. You look fantastic! :)

  7. You look really great, my friend. I am so proud of you! Fabulously beautiful!
    Amy Jo

  8. Wow! I just found your blog, and your progress pic's are amazing and VERY inspiring!!

  9. You look so amazing!!! YOU are an incredible INSPIRATION!!! I am so excited to be on this new journey...and so thrilled to have someone like you to draw strength and knowledge from!! Thanks for blogging!

  10. you look amazing. i,m planing on having gastric sleeve surgery. i have one more nutrition class before my doctor can run it pass my insurance. the thing that scare me is that i don't hear many people results from the sleeve. thank you for sharing .how much food can your stomach hold at a year out. how much did you exercise? are you always happy or do you have sad moments. my email is
    thank you