May 15, 2011

15 Month Update

This month my weight loss has picked up a surprising amount. 6 pounds down this month and I hit a major milestone: My surgeon's goal for me was reached! (165 lbs). My personal goal was 160, so I am going to keep on doing what I have been doing all along, and see where my body naturally settles. I really am thrilled though at having achieved all of my major goals - the only thing outstanding is that last 5 pounds, and I suspect they'll come off sooner or later.

To recap - here are some of the things I hoped for when planning and waiting for this surgery (this list is from a post in August, 2010, six months before my surgery:

Normal blood pressure: Check
Normal cholesterol: Check
Controlled blood sugar: Check
Reduce/eliminate joint pain (have ALREADY had a knee replacement following an injury): Check - pain is GONE
Size 14 or below: Check - now in size 10 mostly, some 8s and some 12s too
180 pounds or less: Check
Able to polish toenails without straining: No problem!
No more huffing and puffing up the hill: Check - and it still is a surprise to me every time that walking uphill is not difficult at all anymore
Can reach behind my back to fasten my bra: Yup!
Exercise is more fun than it is torture: Yes - although I still lack motivation to get started quite a lot of the time
Increased energy: Absolutely!
Can buy clothing at regular shops: Yes - although I still feel like a trespasser sometimes!
No more worrying before sitting on fragile looking furniture:  Check
No more worrying about whether the seat belt on the airline will fit: Check
More space in my airline seat!: Lots more space
Easy to fit in all of the amusement park rides - and the energy to do a day at Disneyland!: Yup, and had a great day a year ago at Disney!
Able to schedule a dude ranch vacation without worrying that I am too heavy to ride the poor horses: Haven't done this yet - but it is in my future!
Learn to kayak: Not yet
Learn to scuba dive: Not yet
High heels don’t hurt (as much, let's be realistic!): Check (but yeah, they still hurt sometimes!)
Cute undies!: Not so much - Spanx are my friend!
Able to fit my behind in the bath - and able to hoist myself out of it!: Check
Bike riding is fun and not a form of torture: Haven't tried this yet
A hike is no longer the equivalent of a forced march: Absolutely - I am even the speedy one sometimes!
Attend a reunion in July 2010 looking FINE!: Reunion was cancelled - but I am ready to rock a little black dress ANYTIME - bring it on!

I am so grateful - this surgery may have saved my life and it has certainly saved my quality of life!


  1. i am so happy for you! your blog has definitely kept me sane throughout my journey! you look absolutely stunning! keep up the amazing job

  2. I loved reading your update. Congrats on a job well done, Margo.

  3. Just discovered your blog...thanks for the inspiration! You look marvelous and have a delightful attitude. My VSG takes place on June 1st.