January 17, 2011

11 Month report!

Well, I hit 11 months post-op on Saturday and still have 2 pounds remaining of the 6 pounds I acquired over Christmas - curse you delicious buttery cookies!

Ah well, I did enjoy myself and am now back on the straight and narrow - getting in my proteins, fluids and vitamins, avoiding white carbs etc ... so I am optimistic that I will soon be losing again! I was startled to gain so quickly,as I indulged - but by no means binged - over the holiday. I am wondering a bit if my new IUD, the Mirena, has anything to do with it all - but will just stick to my plan strictly and see how this month goes.

On a more positive note, despite gaining a bit of weight, I am down an entire size - fitting comfortably in size 12 jeans that I could only just barely button (and could not sit in or breathe in, or bend in...etc) a month ago. This doesn't exactly make sense to me, but I am happy to be losing inches (one each from butt and tummy this month). I can't really chalk it up to exercise either, so who knows?

I am still thrilled with my VSG - ALL of my health issues have resolved and I am pleased with my appearance also.


  1. You're absolutely gorgeous! You give me so much hope that I too can achieve the same success that you have.

    I used to love to hike and fish but since I've gained so much weight it's just not fun anymore.

    You let me see that their is hope;-)


  2. You look wonderful!!!

    - Lisa

  3. You look amazing, Margo. Can't wait to hear when you reach your goal!