October 24, 2010

How I eat at 8 months out...

I was asked if I have a structured eating plan - sort of, in terms of what types of food I eat, but not so much in terms of the specifics.

Here is a typical day:

First thing: My husband usually leaves me some fresh brewed coffee in the insulated French Press, so I mix it with some chocolate protein powder (27g protein) and a bit of milk or cream for a protein coffee.

Breakfast: Either some leftovers from dinner, some sashimi tuna with soy sauce and wasabi, or some pumpkin, egg, ricotta and flax "hot cereal" (Here is a link to this very delicious and filling recipe - taste and texture remind me a lot of cream of wheat - but it's low carb and high protein -better for me!) By the way - the about.com website has LOTS of great recipes!

I take my morning supplements and a Nexium tablet sometime around breakfast.

Morning Snack: Don't always have one, but often have a protein drink. (Always have a protein drink if I work out) Also try to get in an additional 16 - 20 ounces of liquid, usually SF ice tea, before lunch.

Lunch: Usually leftovers from dinner, or some tuna, chicken, salmon, or turkey salad, or some other protein + leftover veg. If I eat out I'll usually have some chicken  I take mid-day supplements with my lunch.

Snack: Maybe some protein balls, or cheese, or a few rice crisps, or beef jerky. Another 16 - 20 ounces of liquid

Dinner: I almost aways cook a protein and two types of veg. Sometimes I make polenta or quinoa or a lower carb starch in place of one of the vegetables. Dinner time supplements.

Snack: Don't usually have one, but might make some protein ice cream, have some beef jerky, or a protein ball, or maybe a spoonful of peanut butter or some almonds. Maybe some more fluids, depending on how my intake has been during the day. Sometimes I like some apple with peanut butter or dark chocolate (one or two squares) with peanut butter.

Bedtime: This is when I take my iron / Vitamin C capsules

I don't count calories these days, although I will begin doing this again as I approach goal so that I can fine tune my maintenance. I'll also start counting if my weight loss slows down to a point that disturbs me . Mainly I concentrate on getting in enough protein and limiting carbs, particularly carbs from starches and sugars.

Here is my current supplement regime:

Nexium 20 mg
500 mg calcium citrate w/ D and magnesium
B12 sublingual
Vitamin D3 sublingual
B complex tablet
Benefibre tablet

500 mg calcium citrate w/ D and magnesium
Benefibre Tablet
Omega 3 supplement

500 mg calcium citrate w/ D and magnesium
Benefibre Tablet
B12 sublingual

Carbonyl Iron with Vitamin C


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!! Very helpful!! I will have to try that hot cereal recipe! I think where I've fallen short is letting simple carbs creep back in, like halloween candy and whatnot. I just started tracking my meals on daily burn and while the calories don't much matter to me, the pie chart showing my percentage of fat, protein,and carbs shed some light.

  2. Agree, the hot cereal recipe looks great What is a protein ball?