October 21, 2010

A couple new photos

OK - these are a little bit blurry - camera problems continue - but I picked up a couple of new dresses today while doing the grocery run and thought I'd show off a bit...

Yeah, I'm kind of into this style of dress, now that I can actually wear it!


  1. Um..... WOW!!!!!! The top one is my favorite, it is SO sexy! I can't believe you have 25-30 lbs to go... to me you look fantastic right NOW!

  2. You look amazing! So excited to have found this blog, Im on the wait list right now for weight loss surgery :)

  3. I love the style of dress too! Also I know what you mean about the 25 lbs. I've not "tried" to lose them yet because people say I look good now and I'm afraid I'd be too "skinny" but you've convinced me, I need to see it for myself.