October 21, 2010

8 months, down 95 pounds!

I don't have a lot of photos this month, since my camera has been acting up - looks like I am going to have to replace it - which is kind of an expensive bummer.

I hit the 8 month mark on the 15th with a total for the month of 8 pounds lost last month and have since lost a few more pounds, bringing me to a total of 95 pounds lost. This means that I am less than 30 pounds from my personal goal, less than 25 from my surgeon's goal and 5 pounds from a 100 pound loss! Pretty exciting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

This photo was taken this morning in a new blue wrap-style sweater dress. I personally still marvel at being ABLE to wear a sweater dress without feeling self conscious about all of my bulges and folds. (I am neither brave nor sleek enough, however, to wear it without the assistance of my trusty "Assets" shapewear from Target!)

I'm now fully into the size 14 range, and while I was in the states last weekend I bought a pair of size 12 Levis as interim "goal jeans". When I got home from my trip and tried them on, they actually almost fit already - fit fine in the bum and thighs, still too snug in the waist.

I find that smaller changes in weight show up more in size changes now that my overall weight is reduced - I also find that my bum and thighs are looking a lot more wrinkly and saggy and that my stomach is starting to resemble a balloon that has been inflated for a long time, and is now deflating - you know, where it kind of deflates on one side, but not so much on the other, and there are lots of wrinkles and dimples? - that's me!

I still feel like an impostor if I wander into a normal-size clothing shop, like Gap, or Limited or whatever. (I half expect bells and sirens and a stern directive from a scary size "0" twenty-something - ordering me out of the shop and back to the plus-size store immediately!) I usually pride myself on self confidence, but will confess here that I haven't worked up the courage yet to do anything but browse - too chicken to approach a salesperson and actually try on any of the clothing. So, to date, my shopping has taken place at Old Navy, Value Village, Target, Department stores etc, where the customer service is non-existent and nobody knows what sizes I am hauling into the changing room. So, I guess my brain hasn't really caught up yet with the changes in my body.

In terms of health, I am still feeling really fantastic with plenty of energy. I still marvel every time I walk up the hill to my house and it takes no effort whatsoever - I still find that I dread doing it, as it felt difficult for most of the time we lived here - and I am surprised every single time to find that it's an easy and enjoyable walk.

I still find that I have a LOT of restriction when it comes to how much I can eat, but that it is inconsistent. For example, most of the time I can eat just 3 or 4 bites of protein and perhaps some veg. (Last night I had two scallops and a bit of cauliflower "rice" cooked stir-fry style.) Once in a while I can eat more ... last week I ate about 2/3 of a 6 inch sub on whole wheat from Subway - way more than is typical for me. For the most part though, I eat my protein, plus a bit of whatever on the side, have usually 2 protein shakes a day, and a couple snacks of items like my homemade protein balls, some soy crisps, some cheese, beef or buffalo jerky, nuts, etc. Sometimes I have a bit of dark chocolate or some apple and peanut butter for dessert.

For the most part I don't crave sugary stuff and don't find that I miss bread or pasta all that much... and can limit myself to a bite or two if I decide to indulge. I am a sucker though for crispy salty stuff - like barbecue flavored brown rice crisps for example - mostly I try to keep them out of the house, but I do buy some occasionally and just portion out the amount that fits into my plan for the day, rather than just eating them by handfuls straight out of the bag. It seems to be working so far, so I'll continue to enjoy my treats!


  1. You look GREAT!

    - Lisa

  2. What a great update. I LOVE the dress. I totally identify with you about shopping in regular stores. I just wandered into the regular section at JC Penney this week and was shocked no one looked at me like I didn't belong.... I fit into some XL's and some L's... could NOT believe it. I started as a 3X. I also know what you mean about the hill... I feel that way about the stairs in my house. They're really steep and I always hated them. Now I usually RUN up and down them!
    Sounds like you have a pretty structured meal plan... I was wondering if you could share a sample daily or weekly meal plan you go by? Or if you already have can you link me to it? Also, do you still count and track calories? Thanks so much :) :)