September 15, 2010

7 month update

Today it's been 7 months since my surgery. This month I lost 9 pounds - a lot more than usual and have been stalled for about 10 days at 198 pounds. I am noticing that my clothes are getting looser - the size 16 work trousers that my mother-in-law gave me in August are pretty loose, though still wearable, and I tried on a size 14 skirt at Old Navy and it fit. So, I am hoping to soon be solidly into a size 14, with an ultimate goal of a 10 or 12. To be honest, I can't even imagine being in single digits, although lots of people who have had this surgery end up there...It would be really nice to be able to shop pretty much anywhere without worrying whether they carry my size...

This has been a busy month... school started and I also was offered, and accepted, a part time teaching position at a local college. This means that I am working as a research assistant, as a teaching assistant for two courses, and as an instructor for one course. I will also write my comprehensive examinations for my PhD this fall, so October and November look like they will be pretty crazy. I have been able to stay on track in terms of eating with no problem - now that my food plan is pretty much a routine, I just pack a lunch and bring it with me, or find something WLS friendly to order if I eat out with colleagues.

Exercise, however, is increasingly a challenge, unless I work out in the evenings after dinner - which I REALLY do not like to do, as this is family time. Last week and this week I was booked from morning to evening with the meetings that are typical of the beginning of the school year, plus my classes ... and did not get to the gym AT ALL. My plan is to get back this evening for a water aerobics class and try to get back into the routine. Next week looks a lot better in terms of my schedule so I am optimistic that all is not lost.

I've been feeling mildly discouraged with this recent brief stall - I lost weight really rapidly for a couple weeks at the beginning of the month and was hopeful that maybe a new rate of loss was kicking in. Although my overall loss this month was higher than usual, it doesn't seem so far that I'll be losing much more rapidly than has been the case all along. I was REALLY pleased to see my picture for the month ... I look much closer to average, and although not slim, I'm more proportionate and not notably obese (although I still need to lose 2 pounds before I am technically overweight instead of obese).


7 Months Post-Op

It feels FANTASTIC to walk out the door every morning feeling confident about my appearance!


  1. You look terrific! Your 'before' pic here shows your original weight better than the one you have on your main section. I'm impressed. I'm getting sleeved October 14 and you're an inspiration!

  2. WOW, I still cannot get over the change in you. You do look fabulous and I owe you an email. Way to go, Margo!!! You are so busy, could you rent some workout videos from the library and do the excerise at home? Just a thought.