August 11, 2010

75 Pounds Down!

(Note - for OH members, this is a copy of my most recent post - apologies for the repeat!)

Have just returned from 17 days of holiday with friends and family in Oregon. I decided to not to worry much about my eating whilst away and although I had big plans in terms of exercise, other than some swimming and hiking and one 5K walk, I didn't actually work out at all. So, there was some grazing, and consumption of foods, like um, tortilla chips, that I do not usually eat at all.

Still, I lost 4 pounds during vacation and another pound since I got back - for a grand total of 75 pounds lost! This was my next mini goal and I am just 8 pounds away from seeing 199 on my bathroom scale. My six month stats next week probably won't be stellar, since I have been on vacation most of the month, and not as on track with eating and exercise when I am away. Even so, I should be 6-8 pounds down from last month.

Even better, when I went on those hikes, I was CHARGING up those hills - leader of the pack in fact! It felt so good to be exerting myself, getting my heart rate up for sure, but not feeling like I was going to expire on the side of the trail - I used to feel like I would never catch my breath and like my heart was going to beat itself right out of my chest - this time I just felt healthy and fit and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air.

It was good that we went, because even though I have been working out a lot, I still had a fear of hills - and now I know I can do them, no problem!

Had a great time shopping at Value Village and Goodwill, and at the Fred Meyer clearance racks, and am set for my return to campus this fall in regular, rather than plus, sizes! Also bought a couple pair of Levis in size 14 to shrink into - my fave jeans and it has been decades since I could wear 'em!

Back home now and back on track with protein etc as well as back at the gym - feeling fantastic and fit - yeah for my VSG!

6 month update will be posted next week!


  1. Wow you look so good! I can't wait to save up and have my sleeve :-) Thanks for the update

  2. You look fabulous! Would I even recognize you on the street now days? So impressed at your discipline, and losing weight on vacation. Not many people can do that, ever. Ahh, you said Goodwill and Value Village, a couple of my favs in Portland as well. Makes me homesick.

    amy jo

  3. What a fantastic photo!! I love it and you look great. Isn't that the best feeling - do you know what you did - you had a NORMAL vacation! You ate without too much worry, you did things with everyone else without dying, and had a good time. In fact, I'd say better than normal because a NORMAL person will put on a few pounds on such a long vacation. I have been known to pack on 10-15 especially if it's a cruise ;) haha. Anyway I think it's fantastic you came back from that having lost some weight. You are starting to live a normal healthy life and that is really something to celebrate!

  4. Aw man, Blogger ate my comment! Let's see if I can remember what I said.
    I love that photo of you and you look great!
    I think it's fantastic you could lose weight on such a long vacation. You are starting to live life as a normal person - you didn't worry too much about food - you were able to enjoy those activities with your family - that is so great. In fact it's even better than normal because a normal person gains weight on vacation :) I think this is really something to celebrate!!!!

  5. Way to go, Margo! You look really great, and I'm glad to read that you are feeling so good too.