August 15, 2010

6 Month Report

So, today it has been six months since I had my surgery. Still at 75 pounds lost - same as my last post a couple days ago. That's 6 pounds down over the last month - which isn't too bad considering I was on vacation, and not really eating or exercising according to my usual routine for most of the month. One thing that was exciting today is that I looked at the difference in my measurements from my pre-op high weight:

Neck Before: 17.25"  Now:14" (-3.25 inches)
Wrist Before: 7" Now 6.5 " (-.5  inch)
Forearm Before: 11" Now 10" (-1 inch)
Upper arm Before 14" Now 14" (No change)
Bust Before 54" Now 45" (-9 inches)
Waist Before 49" Now 36.5" (-12.5 inches)
Hips Before 60" Now 47" (- 13 inches)
Thighs Before 34.5" Now 24" (- 10.5 inches)
Calf Before 20" Now 16.5 (-3.5 inches)
Ankle Before 10" Now 9.5" (-.5 inch)
Ribcage Before 49" Now 37" (-12 inches)

That's a lotta inches!

Second, we went to the beach today and my husband took some snapshots, including one of me in a bathing suit, and none of them make me cringe or feel ashamed. Although I am still very much on the large size of normal, I do feel normal and healthy and attractive, even with the lumps and bumps and saggy bits (hello thighs! how ya hanging tummy?!) that remain. This is a great feeling! I am seeing a more shapely form with a lot of curves emerge from my previously beach-ball shaped figure and I am liking it a lot.

 Honestly, I believe that I will continue to lose weight for some time, but even if I didn't lose another pound, this surgery would be worth the money and effort that it has cost. Prior to surgery I was starting to feel, due to my weight, that my life and the activities and experiences available to me were getting smaller and smaller. Now I can hike, swim, canoe, kayak, camp, etc with my husband and daughter - (not to mention shop in SO many more stores!) - without fatigue or pain. I figure I have bought myself at least ten additional years before the need for more surgery on my arthritic knees, and that I have certainly delayed or limited the likelihood of heart surgery and other cardio-vascular complications and procedures.

The other weird thing (for me, anyway)? I am finding that I actually enjoy and look forward to exercise and physical activity. At 282 pounds it just isn't all that fun to move around - my joints hurt a lot, I was short of breath, my heart pounded - and not in a good way either. Now I still get out of breath sometimes, but that is because I am exerting myself -and it feels good - and I don't feel like I might drop dead on the side of a hiking trail because my heart has pounded its way out of my chest. I am really enjoying working hard with my personal trainer - who knew that I had biceps lurking under those flabby arms?!


  1. What a great 6 month report!!! I am so glad that you are so happy! I love all of the new photos!

  2. Congrats, Margo! You look really great in all of the pictures. Can you talk about the excess skin a bit? How bad is it *really?

  3. Hello Margo you Look really great and I did not see to much sagging skin. I have not had my surgery yet and I am having gastric bypass my insurance is paying for it but the things that are not covered is alot. So I understand the cost part of it. Thank you so much your blog has been helpful and encouraging to me....