July 21, 2010

5 Month Update

Well, it has been a month since I posted - mainly because I have been either out of town, preparing to leave town, or unpacking after having returned. I had the opportunity to present a paper in the UK at the beginning of July, then traveled to Idaho for a wonderful visit with family, and am on my way to Oregon later this week for more time with family and friends. So, I have sadly neglected my blog!

It was a good month for me in terms of my weight loss. I started working with a personal trainer, and saw her a couple times a week for weight training, and also did 3-4 cardio workouts every week - usually an hour of water aerobics or walking. I started with a 4K walk and have increased to 5K. My weight loss for the month was a respectable 8 pounds, and I was pleased to lose 1 1/2 inches from my waist, as well as smaller amounts elsewhere. I also was thrilled to find that I am now able to wear misses size 16 pants and tops - no more plus sizes!

The workouts are really changing my body shape - not just the weight lost, but I can see myself becoming a bit leaner and there is some reduction in the wobbly bits at my belly, back and upper arms. I am definitely feeling stronger! So, I remain motivated to continue with the workouts and will buy more personal training sessions too - as I work so much harder with the trainer than I would if left to my own devices!

Anyway - I have now lost a total of 70 pounds and am trying to decide how to reward myself once I have lost 75 pounds. I would say clothing - but really, I'll be needing that anyway. Maybe a spa day?


  1. AWESOME! Looking fabulous! Spa day is in order. Glad to have caught up with you via blog on your busy schedule. Great work with the personal trainer. Now if I can just get off my butt and start working out I could report back to you on my progress, but still I am a lump and feeling frumpy :(
    amy jo

  2. looking very good my dear!!!