June 8, 2010

Long time - no post.

Well, I have really been negligent about posting this month. I think this is for a couple of different reasons. the first is that I have been busy! School ended, and I thought I would have some down time, but instead have had a lot of meetings etc. to get everything coordinated for my summer research jobs. The other reason though is that I went through a long - 15 day I think - stall, and I was SO worried that I was going to be the WLS failure poster girl. Wasn't sure I should be posting recipes, because what if I was leading everybody down a primrose path to regain and continued frustration?

I've come to the conclusion that at this point, stalls just happen. There doesn't really seem to be a connection between what I eat during a particular week and what the scale tells me - though I really eat pretty much the same balance of carbs/fat/protein and calories 90% of the time. My pattern seems to be: stall 14-18 days then, lose for 7-10 days, then stall some more... I suppose I can learn to deal with that.

I think worrying about failure is pretty normal for new pre-ops - after all, if we had been successful losing weight in the past, we would not have needed WLS, right? I am trying not to let the numbers on the scale determine my feelings of success or failure, but it is a challenge sometimes! The good news is, I have dropped 5 pounds in the last week so, with luck, my monthly stats will look decent when I hit my four month surgiversary next Tuesday. I have reached a 60 pound total loss as of yesterday - just one pound to go until I am halfway to my goal!

I have started to experience some hair loss - enough that I think that's where the 5 pound drop on the scale came from! So far it still looks ok - but I am having a lot come out in the shower and on my hairbrush everyday, and they are pretty much shedding constantly - my husband has mentioned that the house has long hairs draped pretty much everywhere. I did recently have it cut a bit shorter, with layers, and have it colored and highlighted, and that seems to make it look fuller, even though it is actually thinner.

I can now actually zip up my size 16w and size 18 misses jeans - without having to lie down flat on the bed to do it. Having said that, I can't actually breathe once they're zipped up and they create a muffin top that is fearsome to behold, so I can't wear them out and about yet. Still, last month they didn't even fit up and over my backside and belly, so there is some improvement in size, although my waist measurement has been frustratingly persistent - no change this month at all! This doesn't make sense, since I can see that my proportions seem to be improving - a nice hourglass figure is slowly emerging! I have heard that the gut is the last to go - we'll lose weight everywhere else first.

The other two things that are a bit distressing at the moment: I have lost most of the double chin, but a strange wrinkly wattlely spot seems to have been left behind ... only visible from certain angles and when the light hits it in a particular way, but still - I hope to heaven that this shrinks because when I catch a glimpse of it, it freaks me RIGHT out! The second thing is, now that I am losing fat from my back and sides, I have uncovered a really unattractive set of "back boobs" visible on my sides from behind if I lift my arms. Fortunately, I am able to kind of stuff them forward in my bra, so they don't really show when I am dressed .... but EEEWW!

Shopping has been fun. I went to Winners (A Canadian store similar to Ross and TJ Maxx) and bought a few blouses, a ruffled cardigan, a sundress, and a gorgeous red rain coat- that is too small right now, but should fit beautifully this fall and winter (size 14!) The blouses are a tiny bit snug, but I need them for a trip to the UK in a month, and they should fit just fine by then. These days, when I find a pair of jeans that is flattering, I buy the size I need now, and the next size down - too often I have returned to find that a style that I like is out of stock or has been discontinued - and life is too short to wear ugly baggy jeans, now that I am actually liking my body shape! I CAN"T WAIT to be able to shop in regular sizes - the selection of plus size clothing in Canada is pretty crappy and overpriced.

Although I haven't been posting, I have been taking pictures of lots of yummy food that I have been cooking - so get set for a bunch of recipe postings over the next few days! Here's what is coming to this blog soon: Protein Pancakes, Frozen Blueberry Greek Yogurt, Roasted Vegetable Platter, Feta and Tomato Relish, Smoked Salmon and Avocado "Sushi" Rolls, Cheese "puffs", Orange and Chili Glazed Salmon Fillets, Low Carb Breaded Chicken Nuggets, Strawberry & Marscapone Tart, Broccoli Slaw, Honey and Maple Glazed, Cedar Planked, Salmon, Grilled Porterhouse Steak, Caesar Salad with High Protein / Low Carb Croutons.

Lots of yummy high protein and low carb stuff! And Ice Cream that is totally indulgent TASTING, while being 100% weight loss surgery friendly! Woo Hoo!


  1. Hi Margo! Well, I am a loyal blog follower, so I was missing you- glad to see you came back, although I totally understand, hmm... you are... kinda busy .... :) I enjoyed your post, I know this sounds strange, but I felt so connected to you!! Maybe just the worries of wrinkles, flabby boobs (I laughed out loud with the back boobs) and just general women stuff I could relate too, like shopping and eating and the never ending, "five more pounds to lose" on my end. At any rate- Great job, a stall is just a moment in time in the scheme of it all.

  2. I love your posts, and your attention to details. Looking forward to your pictures too! You are doing great, a real inspiration.

  3. Hi, Margo! I've actually been worried about you--glad to hear it's just the stalling blues and that the scale is starting to move again. Our bodies are so annoying--I've always hated it when you go to weight loss things and they say, oh just cut 500 calories a day, you'll lose a pound a week. It never works out that way, and it's so discouraging when the scale doesn't move! But 60 pounds in 4 months is amazing! Have you ever lost fast on other diets? how tall are you if you don't mind my asking? I'm very short and have never lost quickly, even when I've been very "good."

    I have my surgery consult a week from Monday and am hoping to get "sleeved" later this summer....

    Best wishes,
    the other Margo

  4. Hey Margo! Those recipe titles sound good...just wondering how long it took before you could eat these kinds of things? I just had surgery this past week and have no desire to eat anything!!! Nothing sounds good to me at this point and I worry about things "hurting" if you know what I mean!

  5. Thanks for all of the supportive comments!

    Hey Amy! It does seem like we all, no matter what size, worry about the same crap! Right now my current obsession is my wrinkly, deflated thighs - which I have to say, were a heck of a lot prettier when they were filled out and fat - now they are saggy and sad!

    Margo - I am 5'8" and never have been a very fast loser - never have been much of a dieter either though, other than a year on Atkins back in the day. Anyway, before surgery I was constantly gaining, so any loss is a good thing!

    Thanks Therese! I am hoping to get some good shots this month. I do have some photos posted on Obesity Help, in my profile, if you want to check those out.

    Razzamatoot - It was at least 6-8 weeks before I started getting creative with food. I was on liquids and mushies for 30 days and took it slowly when introducing solids!