June 15, 2010

45th Birthday, 4 months since surgery, Halfway to Goal

So today it has been four months since I had my surgery and it is also my 45th birthday. Although my weight loss still seems to be going slowly, and I am frustrated at times, I am so grateful that I was able to have this procedure. As of this morning I was down 61 pounds from my high weight - exactly halfway to my goal of 160 pounds. I expect that it may take another year to lose the rest of the weight, but I remind myself that:

1) It took a lot longer than 16 months to gain the weight
2) I am already much, much, healthier than I have been in several years, even at this early stage in my process
3) I have successfully made significant changes in my everyday routines and habits

This month I lost a total of 6 pounds and lost 2.5 inches from my hips, .5 inch from my waist, and an inch each from my bust and thighs. Not too bad really! The size 18 jeans that I bought last month are getting a bit loose, and I am starting to see that I will indeed once again fit into misses sizes (and it has been more than 20 years since I could, so I am really excited!).

What I have noticed, is that although I am still plus size, still medically obese, I feel a lot more normal as I go about my business in the world. I am sometimes able to buy clothing in the regular size section of the store (XL, and only in a forgiving fabric and cut, but still... :-) ).

I also, after several delays, got connected with a personal trainer and will meet her for the first time tomorrow. I have been attending water aerobics this week also, so it looks like I will get the exercise component of this process in place, finally. I am hoping to see improvements when I take my measurements next month as the result of increasing my exercise. I am really hoping that working out becomes something I enjoy and look forward to, rather than being merely a virtuous activity!

Thanks to everyone who reads and especially for the supportive comments - it is great to have a cheering squad!

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  1. Happy birthday to you! I am hoping to get my sleeve in August and be half-way to goal by my 50th birthday, which is in February. I really want to have a party and invite friends and I don't want to be this fat for it!

    You are doing great! Do you like to swim? I found out there's a thingamagig now that allows you to swim and listen to music or audiobooks at the same time! A friend of mine says it's transformed her exercise...