April 25, 2010

Stalling, stalling

Yep - slooowww weight loss for the last little while. Not a full-on stall, but only about a pound a week down over the past couple weeks (compared to 3 or 4 each the previous two weeks). Although this rate of loss is not nearly as much fun as watching the scale go down half a pound every day, I still am managing to feel pretty calm and positive, though I have been a little bit more preoccupied with how/what I am eating, even though I do not believe that this is related at all to food intake - just a normal slowdown while my body adjusts.

On a more exciting note: This week I bought, and fit into, easily, size 18W jeans. I haven't been below a size 22W since I was about 24 years old, so this is pretty exciting. I do have a pair of 18 misses (Lee jeans) that I can (just) get over my hips, but which are still some ways from actually zipping without mechanical intervention and the imminent threat of asphyxiation. I am also into size 1x tops, after years and years at 3x. Not bad for two months after surgery! I had been trying to hold off on buying clothes, trying to be thrifty and all - but all of my jeans were really saggy and baggy and I just couldn't stand how I felt wearing them. (Well, at least once the novelty of having pants that were too loose got old.) Bras are getting really loose too, so they are next to be replaced, though I'll get inexpensive ones for now while my size is changing so rapidly.

I am flying to LA for a visit with family in a week and a half, and looking forward to experiencing a less cramped airplane seat - and also to enjoying Disneyland now that I can walk for ages without pain and will also fit way more easily into all of the rides!

Been cooking a lot the last couple of days, so stay tuned for some more recipes and photos!

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