April 3, 2010

Some Small Successes

I'm almost 7 weeks out from my surgery today and things are going really well!

Some cool stuff:

Inches are melting off - will do my full set of measurements again in a couple of weeks - but my waist and bra band size are down 6 inches each since surgery.

Yesterday I took my daughter to the movies and was standing in line, waiting to buy her popcorn and agonizing about whether I was going to get something for myself. I decided to get a hot dog  and not eat the bun - figuring it was protein at least - and to have a few bites of her popcorn if I wanted any. We sat down, I had three PIECES of popcorn and was done, then I took two bites of the hot dog, figured out that it wasn't tasty enough to be worth the fat and calories and preservatives, put it down, and didn't give it another thought until I took it to the rubbish bin after the show. I love me some popcorn - so this was amazing for me!

Today I tried on a couple of pairs of shoes while out shopping and I have dropped sizes from size 11 to size 10. THIS is fantastic, because it is hard to find size 11's at regular retailers here - so being a size 10 makes my life WAY easier. A miracle happened also - although I tried on some shoes that fit in size 10 - I did not buy shoes today. (Waiting to visit my dad in California next month so that I can get a better price!)

I did buy a pair of inexpensive white crop pants in size 20 - (I last purchased clothes in size 26) - for the spring/summer. Although they are too tight at the moment - I was able to get them on and zipped without difficulty - I am guessing that they will fit well in a month or so.

The sensation of hunger has diminished significantly - a couple weeks ago it seemed like I was hungry / thinking about food pretty much all the time. The last 10 days or so I have felt really mellow about it - though I still struggle at times to get in enough liquids, this pattern of eating seems more "doable".

Finally, today I went through my closet and drawers - tried on everything and I have a pile of clothes that covers half of a queen size bed, stacked about 18 inches high. Will post on Craig's List / Freecycle today and see if I can get any takers so that I don't have to haul it all down to the thrift store. (Picture below.)


  1. Congratulations on the successes, Margo! This is all great stuff and fun to read. You are doing fabulous work!

  2. Love reading your blogs!!!!