April 18, 2010

Show me the Beef

SO, while I like chicken and fish and pork (especially in its bacon and spareribs forms) a heck of a lot - I really love beef the best, but I am picky about how it is cooked. Steaks need to be medium rare at most and I like them tender with a lot of beefy flavour. I don't eat sirloin much because it sometimes gets kind of livery tasting. Usually I like ribeye, porterhouse, hangar steak and skirt steak the best. Tenderloin, while indeed tender, sometimes is lacking in a beefy flavour (at least from my hypercritical perspective). Also it's dang expensive.

The thing is, husband and daughter don't like any meat with weird bits of bone, or fat or weird gristly bits or anything else that isn't plain, identifiable, and not in need of any further dissection once served. Tenderloin is kinda perfect from that criteria.

I bought some at Costco, tied a strip of bacon around it and grilled over a med-hot hardwood fire for about 10 minutes a side, with the grill covered. Let rest for a few minutes, remove string and serve, either sliced or as whole piece. Perfection! (Served with roasted asparagus and baby potatoes.)

Wrap in bacon, tie with kitchen twine, and season with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

Husband's Plate

My Plate
(Once again, could not finish - only 2 slices of meat, 1/2 baby potato and the asparagus)


  1. WOW~! I need to start coping your weekly food menus. I need ideas big time. I love your new picture! You are looking fantastic and your eyes, wow, they really "POP" now.

  2. Congratulations on your success so far! I am Margo T, 49 years old, and found you through the Obesity help site. I will be having the sleeve some time this summer I hope (no surgery date yet). I enjoy seeing your menus and seeing that you are eating real food--that is one of my worries since I got this problem by being a real "foodie." You look gorgeous in your new photo!

  3. Thanks Amy! And Margo T, I also am a real foody - used to cook professionally - and I am determined to try and eat well. The upside of the surgery is that I can afford to buy really high quality meats and seafoods - since I eat such a small amount. (Although husband's appetite appears undiminished!)