April 18, 2010

Salmon / Chicken salads

Seafood and chicken salads are a staple of my diet these days - I tend to tolerate them better than drier proteins and since there are ALWAYS leftovers in my fridge - the ingredients are on hand.

I am the only person in the household who will eat leftovers - and I am still adjusting to post-op cooking/portions and a nine year old who seems to subsist on a few bites of meat and whatever vegetable she deigns to eat, unless I take pity on the child and let her have some mac and cheese! Consequently, either I need to eat it or it ends up in the bin - bad for our budget, bad for the environment, and just guilt provoking in general.

The salmon salad below is made from leftover cooked salmon, some chopped avocado, a bit of Greek yogurt and a bit of mayonnaise (I'm a full strength Hellman's girl for the mayo.) If you are watching fat you may decide to use another option for the mayo...

Anyway - I portion this out in about 2.5 - 3 ounce servings and eat as often as twice a day, for breakfast and for lunch.

I also make a lot of chicken salad. As I roast a lot of veg, there are a lot of these in the fridge and I have started chopping these into my protein salads - and they are MUCH tastier this way - this salad has chopped steamed sugar snap peas, a couple of roasted baby carrots, and a couple strips of roasted red bell pepper. The little bits of crunchy sweetness are delicious!

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