April 27, 2010

How I eat

I thought I'd photo essay a day of my food.

I start with low carb orange drink and vitamins.

Breakfast: 3 ounces of tuna sashimi with wasabi and soy 

After breakfast, I mix up a double batch of Syntrax Nectar Protein (Crystal Sky flavour) and have half of this in the morning and, if I don't finish it before lunch, half in the afternoon.

Lunch was some seafood salad, a calcium tablet and a Benefiber tablet.

Dinner time supplements

Dinner was roasted garlic pepper chicken (from Costco) and curried cauliflower (Roast cauliflower florets, toss with olive oil, curry powder, lemon juice and sea salt.)

 Not shown: 24 ounces of Crystal Light and Bedtime supplements (Iron and Vitamin C).


  1. This was awesome. You are so diligent. I hope to be on the ball with my sleeve soon.

  2. What is the absorption rate of your vitamins?

  3. I split my calcium up so that I take some about every three hours during the day. I take iron and Vit C last thing before I go to sleep - usually about 3 or four hours after dinner and my last dose of vitamins.

    In terms of absorption - I'll have labs drawn in a couple of weeks and I'll see then how my levels look...

  4. How do the clear protein drinks taste?

  5. The drink shown is Nectar (by Syntrax) Crystal Sky - it tastes like fruit punch to me - only I dilute it a lot, so less sweet. You can order a sample pack of Nectar flavors and try them all -I think I got one from mybariatricpantry.com - their customer service was fantastic.

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