April 27, 2010

Flax Seed Crackers

Made these from a recipe I found on About.Com and they were fantastic, delicious, full of health fats and fiber, and super easy to make. Here is the link to the recipe:


Note: I didn't grease the parchment paper and they came out just fine, I did use a rolling pin so that I could keep the thickness even, and then used a pizza wheel to cut them up (though a knife would no doubt work just as well!) If I were more motivated than I typically am, I might square off the edges better and cut to a more uniform size; instead I'll just pretend that they are meant to look rustic and hand-crafted.

I might try making them next time with pizza seasoning or some other variation. I do love them but they are a too-convenient way to convey peanut butter to my mouth if I am not very careful! They have some calories, but are very low carb (about 5 net carbs for the whole batch). I can use the fiber and if I refrain from topping them with high calorie stuff, they are a good addition to my personal diet plan.

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  1. Interesting! I'll have to try these. Thanks for the link.