April 12, 2010

50 Days Out

So, last week (April 6) I sent in my 50 day update to my surgeon. Thought I would share it here too for those going through the same process, or those with more curiosity about my eating habits than most!

My weight is down to 241 (from 247 at my last report - 10 days earlier).

Weight Loss Progress
Highest Weight: 282
At start of Preop Diet: 274
Surgery Weight: 269
Current Weight: 241

I have continued to track my calories etc - here are the stats:

Average calories: 745
Average protein daily: 80.6g 9 (43% of calories)
Average carbs daily: 34.1g (17% of calories)
Average fiber daily: 9.9g
Average fat daily: 35.2g (of which 9.8g is saturated) (40% of calories)

I just ordered fins and goggles for swim workouts starting next week. Might also try the aquasize classes. I do have to avoid any impact exercises or exercises with squats and lunges due to previous injury/surgery to my knee.

I am finding that eating fish is easiest / least likely to upset my stomach in terms of protein and have been having a lot of halibut and salmon, baked, with fresh salsas on top. I also eat tuna sashimi a couple of times a week. I bought some frozen sashimi fillets - tuna, wild salmon and barbecue eel - from a local Asian grocery store, and I just shave off a couple of ounces before my morning shower, and eat it for breakfast once it has finished thawing (about when I finish getting dressed). I even bought chopsticks, wasabi, pickled ginger, and that little dish for mixing the soy sauce and wasabi paste together. It is WAY cheaper than going out for sushi - which to be honest has lost its thrill a bit now that I can eat about 5 bites before I am done.

On Friday it will be two months since surgery and I'll post stats and photos!

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