April 18, 2010

2 Month Report

Sent the following to my surgeon's office:

Today it has been 60 days since my surgery and things are continuing to go really well. I weighed in this morning at 235 pounds, so that is a total of 17 pounds lost this month. I did my measurements yesterday and have lost another 3 inches each from my bust, ribcage, waist and hips, plus small amounts elsewhere (neck, thighs, calves). I am now fitting easily into a size 20, having gone into surgery at size 26 (28 at high weight).

My doctor still has me on a half dose of my water pill for blood pressure, but I suspect we'll just finish out the prescription and then discontinue, as my pressure has decreased significantly (this morning it was 106/68). Prior to surgery it was around 135/75 even with medication.

I have continued to weigh and track my food intake and my average nutrition stats for this month are:

Calories: 729.1
Fats: 31.7g (37.1% of total calories)
Fiber: 9g
Carbohydrates (Including fiber): 35.7g (18.3% of total calories)
Protein: 84.1g (45.3% of total calories)

It's been a couple of weeks since I have thrown up, so I am hoping that I have learned how to eat solid food, and how to tell when I am full.

Continuing with my supplements and planning to replace chewables with regular tabs as I run out from now on - this will also help reduce my carb intake by about 14g a day (or at least allow me to have more veg and maintain same carb intake.) I continue to avoid white flour and caloric sweeteners. I have enjoyed 3 or 4 slices a week of a low carb whole sprouted grain bread with 12g protein, 13g carbs, 12g fiber per slice - it does not seem to stimulate cravings or slow down my weight loss, so I will continue with this as I think the fiber is beneficial and it is delicious! (www.julianbakery.com)

I am collecting my new fins, goggles and swim cap from the post office this week and will start swimming right away - my thighs and arms are looking rather flabby and horrible!

Here is a face shot from the 15th:

And a pre-op comparison:

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