March 15, 2010

Week 4 - One month since surgery

It has been a SHORT month, (due to February).

Here's what is happening; Still stalled, dammit; HOWEVER, did my measurements today and everything is down a bit - and an amazing 4 INCHES lost from my waist! Yeah! And total weight loss for first month (including a couple extra days for pre op diet) = 22 pounds - so no complaints really!

I start real food this week on Wednesday and have been planning my meals for the week. I have already been eating some protein in food such as tuna salad, tofu, beans, eggs and cheese. Also had some small meatballs, chewed very thoroughly. I really wish I could get off of the protein shakes, but find that I don't get in enough liquids if I eat solid food often enough to get in 70 grams of protein. Consuming the protein easy, the liquids hard.

Check subsequent posts for my favorite recipes so far...

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