February 27, 2010

August 14 - Weight Loss Goals

I have been keeping a list as I approach surgery - eyes on the prize!

Have been writing down some of the things I anticipate as I shed pounds and inches:

Normal blood pressure
Normal cholesterol
Controlled blood sugar
Reduce/eliminate joint pain (have ALREADY had a knee replacement following an injury)
Size 14 or below
180 pounds or less
Able to polish toenails without straining
No more huffing and puffing up the hill
Can reach behind my back to fasten my bra
Exercise is more fun than it is torture
Increased energy
Can buy clothing at regular shops
No more worrying before sitting on fragile looking furniture
No more worrying about whether the seat belt on the airline will fit
More space in my airline seat!
Easy to fit in all of the amusement park rides - and the energy to do a day at Disneyland!
Able to schedule a dude ranch vacation without worrying that I am too heavy to ride the poor horses
Learn to kayak
Learn to scuba dive
High heels don’t hurt (as much, let's be realistic!)
Cute undies!
Able to fit my behind in the bath - and able to hoist myself out of it!
Bike riding is fun and not a form of torture
A hike is no longer the equivalent of a forced march
Attend a reunion in July 2010 looking FINE!

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