February 27, 2010

Post-Op week 1 - February 25, 2010

Post-Op diet: I have to say the first 10 days of clear liquids kind of sucks! I was very, very bored, though not hungry. I was lucky and it was fairly easy for me to get in the recommended 70g of protein / 48-64 oz of water. Some find this difficult in the immediate post op period. Today I start full liquids and this should make tolerating it all a lot easier. Mushies will be heaven! I have NOT been able to get in the recommended 600-800 calories at this stage - but think it will get easier now that I can have a wider variety of foods. For clears I found the following the most tolerable: Isopure ready mixed with some crystal light powder added, Unjury chicken. Also ate SF jello and my homemade beef and chicken stocks.  At day six I added Nectar Crystal Sky and New Whey Cran-Raspberry cooler. I also sometimes mix Vanilla protein with a tablespoon of sugar free chocolate pudding mix and a pinch of cinammon and blend it all with water and a handful of ice - pretty tasty actually....though at the moment I am sick of all of it.

I'll see how it goes with full liquids starting today and mushies next week.

Supplements: I am back on all of my chewable and sublingual supplements since a week post-op- will add the capsules back at the end of the first 30 days. I did start to supplement in advance of surgery - with vitamins and protein - tried to get levels up and be in as good health as possible when I went into surgery.

Progress: No complaints here! I lost about 7 pounds week one and when I compared my measurements to my November measurements, I lost lots of inches, from all over too!

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