February 27, 2010

August 2009 - Deciding on VSG

 So, have just begun my journey by making the decision to have WLS, doing the research, and choosing VSG as the best option for me. I am headed back to school in a couple of weeks (Ph.D. social work program) and the next block of time that I have free is Christmas and then two weeks in February when school is closed whilst the Olympics are held here in Vancouver. I am thinking February will be best as travel can be complicated during the holidays (and, honestly, I don't really wanting to be on clear liquids and feeling rubbish during the Christmas season - I figure by next year I will have adjusted and be able to enjoy myself whilst still eating sanely).

So the worst for me now is waiting for 6 months!

The plan is to travel to my Dad's in LA and he will accompany me to Mexicali for surgery with Dr Aceves. I feel very positive about my choice of surgeon and my family is being pretty supportive, although a bit concerned by my decision to travel to Mexico.

My sweet daughter (age 8) burst into tears when I talked to her and my husband about the surgery. She says she likes me just the way I am with a nice soft tummy to snuggle on! She's coming around though when we talk about all the things we will be able to do together (biking, horseback rides, kayaking etc) when I am smaller and healthier.

So that's what is up for now - will post more as more happens!

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